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Website Design

Almost anyone can write code. Believe it or not, there are even programs that will write it for you. Code can make a website, but it takes more then code to create a great experience. How does Revision Software do it differently? Here's how.

We start by listening. Listening to you. Listening to your ideas? Yes, but more to your objectives, your motivation. Who? What? Why? We're good at the how; the tech stuff, but that comes later. We'll challenge you if need be. We'll work with you. We combine our knowledge and experience with your purpose and requirements until we have a needle sharp strategy.

Then we'll develop a proposal of work so you'll know from the start where we're going together. You'll know how we'll get there - together. You'll know how long it will take, and you'll know how much it will cost. It's predictable, reliable, and it looks like this:

  • Outline: produce a sitemap with page inventory
  • Draft: create a schematic version of your site
  • Design: Develop the design, branding and image
  • Develop: Program the site structure
  • Data: Set up the databases
  • Code: Program individual site pages
  • Integrate: Program Flash and other special features
  • SEO: Implement Search Engine Optimization features. This makes it easy for Google, Yahoo and even real people to find it
  • Analyse: Set up analytic software to monitor web traffic and to find out who is visiting your site
  • Testing: Test the site. This is private, offline, in an online simulation
  • Roll Out: Launch your new site to the world!
  • Management: Maintain and support your investment

After you approve the Outline (which defines specifications, tasks, timelines, milestones and costs), we'll allocate a development manager to your website so you'll know who's steering your project, and who you can go to with questions along the way. Sometimes mid-stream changes need to be made. That's fine! We'll produce a change order describing them so everyone understands and agrees on the new schedule, costs, and deliverables.

That way, this process saves time, saves money, produces better websites, creates value, and ensures a good experience for you and your customers. With many years of experience creating websites, we hardly started yesterday, and we'll be here tomorrow too.