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Logo & Stationery Design

Logo design has many advantages including:

  • Logo design promotes the business in the market.
  • Logo design helps in attracting potential customers to the business.
  • Logo design gives a unique identity to the business
  • Logo design is as important to the business as the business name.

A suitable logo is chosen before the launching of the business in the market. It is important that the logo design is unique for the identification of a particular business, not a typecast logo.

The Design

A logo design should be eye catching and simple. It should be designed using simple color pattern and short text; it is unprofessional to make the logo unnecessarily flamboyant. Logo designs can be created by the business owner using software or a hired professional. Having a logo designed by a professional is a wise investment because the designers have the knowledge to create logos befitting the business. It is also necessary that the company logo be innovative and a similar logo design is not being used by any other business.

There are also many types of logo design software. These are computer programs that are represented with a friendly user interface and help in generating logos according to the color and size specification of the business. The most up to date software incorporate several files with predefined logo designs. The disadvantage of using this software is that they might produce similar types of design for different businesses. Once a logo design is created it can be registered and copyrighted for the business it represents.

What to Avoid

The pattern of the logo design is very important. An eye catching design pattern indicates the professionalism and productivity. It should not appear cheap or showy. A business should avoid heavy decorations and different combinations of color in the logo design. The key to a good logo design is simple color patterns and innovative ways to deliver the product to the customers.